Mall Space

Promotional Space Availability at The Foundry, Scunthorpe

RMU’s and Promotions

The Foundry Shopping Centre offers the only high footfall covered area within Scunthorpe Town Centre where promoters can display their wares to the public.

There are several promotional spaces (and pitches with electricity) available throughout the year within the centre which are managed by the centre management team at The Foundry.

For promotional enquiries please contact centre management who will be happy to help you with your enquiry, whether you are looking into establishing a long term retail kiosk in the mall, a Sweet Stall, Juice Bar, Coffee Stall or similar please feel free to contact centre management on 01724 853480 or email

Click here to view The Foundry Shopping Centre – Commercialisation Brochure – Jan 2015, this offers a guide to mall promotions and should answer some of the questions you may have.